Small Danish railway town gets a Thai massage clinic

Linda Saowapha Wongthongdee (left) and Sawan Srinok (right) have lived in Denmark for five and 16 years, respectively. Now they have opened their own Thai massage clinic. Photo: Mia Bentzen.

The small Danish railway town of Vejen in the south of Denmark now has a Thai massage clinic – The new clinic is run by two Thai women Sawan Srinok and Linda Saowapha Wongthongdee, who offer various types of massage.

In an interview with local media JydskeVestkysten, the pair explains that they are both educated masseuses from Thailand with many years of experience in the field and after working in Denmark for so long they decided to try and open their own clinic. 

The two women have created beautiful surroundings and a calm atmosphere, which can be felt as soon as you step in the door. The clinic is decorated with beautiful wallpaper and decorations, mild scents, and calm sounds.

Sawan Srinok has lived in Denmark for 16 years, while Linda Saowapha Wongthongdee has lived in this country for five.

“Our names are Sawan and Linda, and we would have liked to have merged both names, so we decided to put them together, and therefore we ended up with SaligThai (meaning blessed),” Sawan Srinok says.

At you have the opportunity to choose between many different types of massage, while at the moment there are also opening offers.

“We are so happy for every customer we get, and we can help with massage against both tension, headaches, soreness, and much more. Right now it is very quiet because not many people know us yet, but we hope that it will change quickly,” Sawan Srinok says.

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