Myanmar’s MOFA condemns the joint statement released by Norway and 6 other countries


On 27 November, Myanmar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs raised strong objectives to a joint statement they called ‘biased’ released by a total of seven countries including Norway, the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, and Great Britain.

Media Eleven reports that the joint statement which was released the day before, on 26 November, expressed concern over a military offensive in Myanmar that the seven countries said is disproportionately harming civilians.

“We are concerned about allegations of weapons stockpiling and attacks by the military, including shelling and airstrikes, use of heavy weapons, and the deployment of thousands of troops accompanying what security forces assert are counter-terrorism operations, which are disproportionately impacting civilians,” the statement from the seven countries said.

Moreover, the joint statement called for countries to “suspend all operational support to the military, and to cease the transfer of arms, materiel, dual-use equipment, and technical assistance to the military and its representatives.”

In their response, Myanmar’s MOFA said the joint statement “contained sweeping and groundless accusations against the Tatmadaw such as human rights violations and the disproportionate use of force.” 

In addition, Myanmar’s MOFA also said that the facts expressed in the joint statement are “biased” and based on “allegations emanating from groups who are committing terrorist acts or opposing the Government” and that the failure to condemn and call for a cessation of the “terrorist activities by those terrorist groups clearly demonstrates that the joint statement is one-sided and biased one.”

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