Navarat has taken Thailand’s massage techniques with her to Denmark

Navarat Thomsen has opened ‘Navarats Thai Massage’ on Egeskovvej 90, Fredericia. Foto: Peter Friis Autzen

A new clinic offering certified Thai massage has opened its doors in the Danish city of Fredericia.
The owner is Navarat Thomsen who is originally from Thailand but has lived in Denmark for the past five years together with her Danish husband Ole.

Before Navarat met her husband, she worked as a masseur in Thailand and after arriving in Denmark she made sure to stay professionally up to date. Navarat has several education and certificates behind her in various types of massage.

In an interview with local media JydskeVestkysten, Navarat says that her passion is to help people, “I like to help people, that’s why I am a masseuse. I love to help people who have pain in the lower back or neck. Or other places. When I have a problem, other people are ready to help me. I also want to be someone who helps others”, Navarat says.

Before opening her own clinic ‘Navarat’s Thai Massage’, Navarat worked with Thai massage at a clinic on the island of Fyn in Denmark. Her new clinic is open daily from 9-19 except Sundays and although she explains that it can be long days, she says “But I still always think of massage so I might as well do it”.

Some of Navarat’s customers from her time on Fyn have already made bookings at her new clinic and Navarat is excited to get started. “It’s great to get started. I have been looking forward to it”, she says.

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