SSS organizes charity trip to rural Thai school

Skandinavisk Samfund Siam (Scandinavian Society Siam) is organizing a charity trip to Mechai ‘Bamboo’ School in Buriram, rural Thailand.

Apparently the teacher’s questions are way too easy. Photo: Skandinavisk Samfund Siam

The school in itself is probably worth a visit and distinguishes from regular Thai schools – and probably Scandinavian aswell – in several ways. The school is focused on developing the community surrounding it and therefore the fees are payed in form of community service and planting tree.

Furthermore, the students are responsible for recruiting new teachers and apparently have to spend one day a month in a wheelchair to see what life is like for the lesser fortunate.

The trip will be take place on the 17th of March departing Bangkok in the morning and arriving at the school mid-afternoon and everyone will be back in Bangkok in the evening the next day.

During the stay at the school there will be several workshops and activities:

  • Zero-waste paper-making
  • Tissue culture
  • Out of season limes
  • Solar-cell flashlights
  • Shirt and mug printing
  • Growing hydroponic vegetables
  • Wheelchair agriculture

For further information – including how to sign up and donate money to the school – visit Skandinavisk Samfund Siam.


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