‘Svenska språkstugan’ to bridge Swedes with Hong Kong students

Just as the interest in Asia is large in some communities in Scandinavia, so is the interest in Scandinavia for some communities in Asia.

Svenska språkstugan became such a hit that they have rented more room for the coming sessions

That’s one of the reasons for The Church of Sweden in Hong Kong to host Svenska språkstugan (Swedish language cottage), a meeting point between students in Hong Kong and Swedes.

So every other Wednesday Swedes can meet up with students of Hong Kong to exchange advice on both countries, stories from the mother country and – of course – language.

Gustav Jacobsen is the pastor in charge of the bi-weekly event, which draws from his experience as a vicar back in Sweden.

“From my earlier time as a vicar in an congregation in Uppsala I had a lot of good experience of running language sharing. This parish had a high percentage of foreigners and the need to practice Swedish, connect to Swedish people and get help with homework and administration was high,” he writes in a mail to Scandasia and adds:

“From this experience we decided to start “Svenska språkstugan”, a meeting point for language sharing and bridging between east and west. We started two weeks ago, in small scale, but we ran out of chairs because of interest. For coming Wednesday we have rented more room in Kowloon Union Church in Jordan and now really hope the Swedish in Hong Kong will help us and share their beautiful Swedish language,” Gustav Jacobsen says.

Svenska språkstugan is open every other Wednesday, with the next one being on the 7th of March.

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