Study in Asia: A Guide for International Students

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Countries in Asia have become popular with students from foreign nations, thanks to the many great universities with high-quality schooling, lower fees, and efforts by their governments to market them as centers of learning. Studying at a university away from home opens the mind to new cultures and is especially attractive to those who want to explore beyond their borders. 

What does it take to study abroad?

“A student will almost always be required to write a personal essay to show why they should receive the chance to get into these top universities,” says Jose Carino, researcher and writer at PapersOwl.

“You may find it beneficial to have a professional write a top-notch paper for you as they know how to navigate these waters. Believe it or not, these schools look closely at essays before making their pick. It gets even more necessary to seek guidance if you need a scholarship. Most schools have students study guides to help with the rest once you are admitted,” he adds. 

Here are some of the most sought-after Asian destinations for international students that want to study abroad. 

Study in Malaysia 

Malaysia has grown into the country you want to go to if you are a student interested in internationally recognized universities for higher education with affordable tuition fees and facilities to boost. While studying here, you will be at the center of innovation that has made this nation a business magnet in East-Asia. You will also get the chance to mingle with nationals from all over the globe, as it has become a melting pot. Sunway University in Kuala Lumpur is rated as a popular study destination in the region. The cuisine and touristy destinations are the icing on the cake. 

Study in Singapore

Students choose this nation for the many opportunities they get to advance their educational pursuits at reasonable school fees and in dreamy spaces. Singapore attracts international students with established cutting-edge infrastructure as it marries cultural heritage with modernity without losing itself. Most universities will give you a guided study so you can find your way around the universities easily. Those coming there to study abroad may have to learn Asian language to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere, which is made easier with the language lessons offered. You may also get lucky with scholarships from the government or private universities to offset some of the tuition fees. 

Study in Hong Kong  

Studying in Hong Kong is great because it exposes you to people from almost every corner of the globe. Be ready to experience some of the highest skyscrapers and best academic institutions among other university learners. International students come to study abroad here and end up staying to explore more of the culture. English is readily spoken here, and almost every university teaches in the language, which largely explains the country’s popularity. It is close to China, so you will have more to explore should you wish. 

Study in China  

As one of the fastest-growing nations in the world, international students find it ideal to come here to advance learning as they learn more about the country fondly referred to as the world’s factory. Degrees may take a few more years since one has to learn Mandarin for studies, but that is not usually an issue with most. You will have a wide array of national university options as well as private ones, with Peking university being regarded as one of the top universities in the world. The Chinese government, keen to place the nation on the map as a giant in its field, has been offering several scholarships to any inspired international student from friendly nations. 

Study in Japan 

This island nation is liked for the quality of life, studies, and many scholarships you can get. You will find a good number of international nationalities here as Japan is friendly and welcoming. The culture is admirable, and most people that come here are changed for life. The quality of learning is unbeaten, as many known companies have their roots here. They are well-known for inventions – robots, appliances, and cars – and the education system has been improved over centuries. University rankings have always placed this nation at the top with other famous giants worldwide, so learners already know they would be in good hands in Japan. 

Study in South Korea 

South Korea has been working on showing how well-liked it can be for internationals by giving scholarships to those that qualify. It has been setting targets lately and meeting its quota of learners from other places, so now it’s almost up to par with the rest of the region. The high quality of everything makes life easy and exciting for young minds, and the atmosphere accommodating. Though the country is quite traditional, cities like Seoul have accommodated the modernization that comes with being their size. Now anyone that goes there is at home while also learning new traditions and exciting culture. 

Study in The Philippines 

This South-East Asian nation gives you nature with a touch of urbanism when you study in Asia, so you will have plenty to see when you are not studying for exams. It has always been associated with touristy travel, especially with so many languages spoken and being a melting pot of cultures, and now schools there are teaching in English to promote its status even further. The fees are reasonably low, the quality of learning high, and the environment accommodating and invigorating. You will especially love the Philippines if you like exploring new international cuisines because its mixed heritage gives it an edge over most others in the region. 

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Admissions for international schools differ from region to region, but most times, June-March is the period if you want to start the process to study abroad. You will need to check the schools you want to attend and start applying as soon as the period is open because it gets quite competitive. Good luck with the college applications, and enjoy your stay in the region! 


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