SwedCham’s YPx platform: How to make it as a start-up in China

Join SwedCham’s YPx next event on how to make it as a start-up in China on 13 May in Shanghai.

SwedCham YPx is a new young professionals’ platform for knowledge sharing with a monthly event for everyone who wants to learn more about the business scene of Shanghai and connect with like-minded people.

SwedCham invites professionals to share their expertise and experiences in a specific field or industry. The monthly events also give you the opportunity to network and mingle with other young professionals, and learn something from a professional in a relaxed setting.

More about the 4th episode of YPx: How to make it as a Start-up in China

It is said that China has more than 30 million start-ups, making the country a hotbed of new ideas and innovations, but of course, with fierce competition. With global giants like Tencent, Alibaba, Bytedance, and so many more that just began their entrepreneurial journey a few years ago, many people are turning their heads towards China for the chance of picking their own Youzi 柚子 of success.

One of those is Alex Duncan, the co-founder of the social media management platform, KAWO, who came to Shanghai 14 years ago with a dream. In our latest episode of YPx, we will learn about Alex’s own personal journey of entrepreneurship, the challenges and wins he has faced here in China, and how a Shanghai-based SaaS startup has found itself in a unique position, working with some of the most loved brands in the world.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear an exciting journey of how Alex moved across the globe to pursue his entrepreneurial dream, and what you can learn from his experiences. Whether or not you are thinking of starting your own business here in China or just want to get inspired – this presentation is for you!

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