SwedCham China’s upcoming webinar covers the ‘The Shipping Crisis’

The international shipping industry is in a turbulent time dealing with a container shortage crisis, price volatility, and delays; causing disrupted supply chains for companies in all industries. On 24 August, SwedCham China invites you to join their webinar titled ‘The Shipping Crisis: The crisis, its impact and navigating through the stormy sea.

More about the webinar:

What does the shipping crisis mean for companies? Will this affect peak online shopping season? What can your organization do to navigate this challenging landscape? What will the effects be in China and globally? What will the long-term and short effects be? How is the logistics industry working to find solutions for this?

The questions are many and relevant for all, so that’s why SwedCham China is very happy to welcome Aldo Soprani, Group CEO at Asia Pacific Cargo (HK), to present a breakdown on the current crisis and present his views on the ongoing challenges in the shipping industry during a webinar on the 24th of August. We are also joined by Christian Ulloa, General manager at ICA Global Sourcing, who will share how they as a sourcing company depending on functioning supply-chains have been navigating the ongoing challenges.

The webinar will give you a good background to the current situation and a forward-looking indication of what companies experience can expect in the future as well as good practices. The webinar will touch upon topics such as:

  • How did we end up in this situation?
  • How can shippers or transport buying companies try to ease the impact on their supply chains under current circumstances?
  • What can we expect from the logistics industry in the near and midterm future to mitigate risk?

Sign up to get a unique insight into the current challenges and hear how companies are tackling these challenges so that you and your company can stay on top of the disruptions.

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