Swede died in the gulf of Thailand

Photo: Love Krittaya @ WikiCommons
Photo: Love Krittaya @ WikiCommons

Thursday the 11th December a 65 year old Swedish tourist died at a beach in Rayong Southeast of Pattaya, local media Pattaya One reports.

The man was first seen to go under the water by a friend, who later him from the water and tried to revive him through CPR.

Police later spoke with the victims distraught Wife and a friend. She told the police that her husband was suffering from a heart condition and fitted with a pacemaker. They suspect he suffered a Heart Attack in the water while swimming and drowned.

After a post mortem examination the cause of death has not been confirmed, according to Pattaya One the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok are currently providing consular assistance to the family of the deceased man.

Read more at Pattaya One

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