Sweden commits SEK 7 Million to SE Asia press freedom

The Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok this month committed SEK 7 million for a second phase of the Southeast Asia Press Alliance (SEAPA), with the grant cycle from 2013-2016.

It aims to further strengthen and expand its network in order to better advocate for press freedom, freedom of expression and freedom on information in Southeast Asia. Programme areas in the next 4 years will be guided by the four outcomes:seapaphoto

I. Improved awareness of safety of journalists within the media community and other stakeholders that will lead to fewer threats and challenges to the media in performing their role

II. Better practice of professional and ethical standards within the Southeast Asian media that will ensure more and effective coverage of issues related to human rights, democracy and governance

III. Improved legal environment in promoting and protecting the media that will enable them to pursue and publish stories of public interest

IV. Increased effectiveness of SEAPA as a regional organization to pursue its objectives

Sweden’s latest commitment follows SEK 3.9 million it contributed to the 2010–2012 first phase of the SEAPA.

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