Swedish Acid House Kings performed at festival in Singapore

When brothers Niklas and Johan Angergård and Joakim Ödlund started Acid House Kings in 1991, it was with an immaculate taste in music stemming from a childhood of Elvis Presley, an almost complete set of singles from ’80s cult British label Sarah Records, and the entire collection of The Smiths’ singles. Over two decades and several internationally successful side projects (Club 8, The Legends etc) later, the Kings continue their reign as Sweden’s pioneer indie pop act. Earlier this month, the band had made their way to Singapore.

Swedish indie pop group Acid House Kings performed at Mosaic Music Festival, a multi-genre music festival held at the Esplanade arts centre.

The band played on march 8,  Mosaic Club (Esplanade Theatre Studio).

The Embassy of Sweden in Singapore had a short chat with the band. See the video at the top of the article

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