Swedish ambassador discussed further cooperation with Cambodia

Swedish Ambassador H.E. Bjorn Haggmark with the Cambodian Foreign Affairs Minister Prak Sokhonn at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

H.E.Bjorn Haggmark, recently appointed Swedish Ambassador to Cambodia, met on 29th November 2019 with Mr Prak Sokhonn, Cambodia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, at the ministry where both parties discussed further cooperation.

After the meeting, Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Koy Koung spoke to reporters regarding the private discussions between the officials from Sweden and Cambodia.

“During the meeting, Mr Sokhonn noted that the Swedish government is building a development strategy for 2020 to 2024 with Cambodia,” Koy Koung said.

“Mr Sokhonn echoed his request for aid for demining action, noting that the Swedish government has suspended donations after the country had provided financial assistance to Cambodia from 2006 to 2014.”

“Ambassador Haggmark has noted the request for Swedish government to consider.”

“Mr Sokhonn said that the ministry is ready to continue cooperation with Mr Haggmark in order to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.”

“In response, Mr Haggmark said that he is delighted to be serving as ambassador to Cambodia, highlighting the past cooperation and outlining a strategic plan for the next five years with Cambodian government from 2020 to 2024.”

“The Ambassador also praised Cambodia for its important role in sending peacekeepers to other countries in peacekeeping missions as well as demining missions abroad. He views this as contributing to world peace,” Mr Koung said.

Mr. Koung added that Mr. Haggmark also emphasized the strategic development plan, which focuses on areas such as climate change, environmental issues, human rights, education and trade.

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