Swedish ambassador hosted Alumni Phnom Penh networking

H.E. Bjorn Haggmark, a Swedish Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia

H.E. Bjorn Haggmark, a Swedish Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia showed support of higher education to “the Sweden Alumni Network night” attendee at the Swedish ambassador residence in Phnom Penh on 5th December 2019.

“Sweden has a strong tradition of making higher education available to many.” said the ambassador at the event.

“Knowledge, analytical skills and critical thinking are important both in working life and in academia. Societies and business are constantly under transformation.”

“Enhancing knowledge and skills will be crucial for development in every country. There is no difference there between Sweden and Cambodia. Education, research, vocational training and striving for innovation in a creative and open society can fulfils the potential of each individual and build a sustainable future.” Mr. Haggmark added

In Cambodia, Sweden has been one of the largest donors and supporters for development in the education sector. With the agreement with Royal University of Phnom Penh in January 2019, Sweden has now become one of the largest donors supporting research capacity building in Cambodia. Since the late 1970s, Sweden has supported education programmes aiming to build research capacity in low income countries. Research prioritised by the low-income countries themselves solve local problems and contribute to poverty reduction.

H.E. Bjorn Haggmark, a Swedish Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia with the Sweden Alumni

A scholarship winner from the Erasmus+ programme, Ms. Soeu Panhary completed a five month Sustainable Development programme in 2016. She said that the scholarship gave her an opportunity and a chance to explore new things that broadened her horizons and promoted personal development, helped her understand the different education systems between developed and developing countries, and diversity of culture.

“One sentence keeping me motivated to apply for  scholarships is ‘keep doing the thing that you want till you make it,’’ Ms Panhary said.

“I could count my successes but the failure behind each successes goes uncounted. If you really want to get that scholarship, keep thinking about it regularly. Spend time to read the requirements carefully, be well prepared and seek supportive help from lecturers, seniors, or friends to improve your application.”

“Academically, I have learned many new things; not only in class but also from the environment outside of class such as friends, neighbours, farmers, and passengers. Everyone is your teacher when you open your heart to learn,” Ms Panhary added.

“Cambodian youth is so energetic, and they have several opportunities to unlock their full potential. In addition, all young females are marvellous and full of power to pursue their journeys and dreams; please pursue it and do not let traditions trap your potential power.” she added.


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