Swedish Ambassador presents his credentials in Manila

Filippino President Benigno S. Aquino III welcomed 14 Non-resident Ambassadors who will begin their tour as representatives of their respective countries in ceremonies held in Manila on January 10 2013.


In a ceremony at the presidential palace, Swedish Ambassador Klas Molin officially handed over his letters of credentials to the President. The letters, signed by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf, are the official proof of accreditation as Swedish ambassador to the Philippines.

The ambassador and the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok are also responsible for other three bureaus: Thailand, Laos and in Burma/Myanmar.

President Aquino stated in his speech that the visit of the ambassadors to the Philippines was a testament to the mutual efforts of Philippines and their respective countries to strengthen relations and “positively engage each other,” reports say.

“Your visit comes at a time when the Philippines is on the rise—a time when we Filipinos hold our heads high because of the great strides we have made as a people. The Philippines stands as a reliable and responsible member of the community of nations, ready to work with those who seek to advance goodwill and hope across the globe,” the President said.

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