Old Swedish banknotes not valid in 2014

After 31 December 2013, you will no longer be able to pay with the older versions of the 50-krona and 1,000-krona banknotes that do not have foil strips.

The reason these notes will no longer be legal tender is that the Riksbank wishes to reduce the number of banknotes and different versions of banknotes prior to the introduction of the new series of banknotes and coins, which will start in 2015.

What should I do with my banknotes?

The banknotes can be used precisely as normal until midnight on 31 December 2013. They can be used in payment or deposited in a bank account.

What happens if I still have these banknotes after 31 December 2013?

After 31 December and until 28 February 2014 you will still be able to deposit the invalid banknotes in a bank account.

After 28 February 2014 the Riksbank can redeem the invalid banknotes, for an administration fee of SEK 100.

Bear in mind that:

You need to plan ahead, act before 31 December 2013. There may be limits to how much cash the banks and retail trade can receive. Turn to your bank or local shop for more information.


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