Swedish geneticist receives prize in Singapore

Swedish geneticist Svante Paabo was awarded the 2013 Gruber Genetics Prize at the Marina Bay Sands convention centre, Singapore on April 16 for his work in evolutionary genetics.

Max Planck Forscher Prof. Dr.Svante Pääbo entschlüsselt Neandertaler-Genom
Photo: Mpg.de

The prize, awarded by the US Yale University’s Gruber Foundation, includes US$500,000 (S$618,600) and a gold medal.

Dr Paabo is considered the founder of molecular paleontology, the application of genetics to the study of pre-historic life. His work has also helped define the genetic relationship between people and great ape populations.

The prize ceremony was part of the 2013 Joint Conference of the Human Genome Meeting and the 21st International Congress of Genetics, which were jointly held in Singapore for the first time. The conferences end on April 18.

Source: The Strait Times

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