Swedish Greencarrier ensures that ‘Götheborg’ continues on route to Asia 

Swedish Greencarrier AB recently announced that the company has ensured future voyages to Asia and China and created further opportunities for trade with Asia by overtaking ownership and all future responsibilities of “The Swedish Ship Götheborg”. 

The logistic service company has acquired all shares in Svenska Ostindiska Companiet AB – SOIC AB – from foundation Ostindiefararen Götheborg and the company sees the ship as an excellent platform to promote Swedish business and culture. Greencarrier has a global focus and a strong representation in China and the acquisition is therefore also seen enabling the company’s business portfolio. 

Stefan Björk, owner and Chairman of Greencarrier AB says that the ship, “fits well into the Greencarrier group and the values we represent.” He explains that it also enables increased focus on important sustainability issues such as UN Sustainability Goal # 14, Life below Water”.

Johan Jemdahl, CEO of Greencarrier AB says that with the acquisition of the Swedish ship, the company is broadening its portfolio to also include trading operations with Asia and the SOIC brand gives Greencarrier a natural and good foundation to build trade around.

The ambitions for ‘The Swedish Ship Götheborg’ are to be able to carry out limited sailings during 2021, given that conditions allow, and to carry out sailings to Asia and China in 2022. 

Claes G Berglund, chairman of the Foundation Ostindiefararen Götheborg says that the costs for ‘The Swedish Ship Götheborg’ to stay sailing is too high for the Foundation and therefore feels great confidence and gratitude for Greencarrier who are now embarking on that adventure.

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