Swedish galleon sets sail for China

Götheborg in open waters

A replica of the historic three-masted wooden ship “Götheborg” is once again ready to conquer the seas after the original sank in 1745.

Götheborg is the world’s largest operational wooden ship and It is therefore a spectacle in every port it visits. The original ship sank after it struck bottom outside its home port of Götheborg coming back from a round trip to China.

The ship has just completed its trip to Stockholm as a preparation for next year major voyage for the far east which the ship’s crew is excited for.

“The ship is actually made for ocean passages and she’s missing the oceans and this trip to Stockholm is to prepare us to work together and I think that has been achieved, ” said 26-year-old Marielle Cocozza, the second in command.

Last time the replica Götheborg sailed for Asia was in 2007.

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