Swedish Space Corporation introduces SSC Space Thailand

Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), provider of advanced space services, is extending to Thailand with the forming of SSC Space Thailand.

According to SSC, the company already has a strong presence in Thailand and has been supporting Thai space activities for more than a decade. SSC has a ground station facility in the country and the extension is to expand its business connections in the Asia-Pacific regions.

Stefan Gardefjord, CEO of SCC, says in an interview with Advanced Television that the company is looking forward to deepening the relation further, expanding across leading space markets in South-East Asia. Stefan Gardefjord says, “The Asian-Pacific space market is growing rapidly, and today’s announcement highlights our ambition to be a leading force in that development. Right now, we are looking to develop talents in Thailand and contribute to Thai space initiatives as well as explore further opportunities to grow within the Asian-Pacific region”.

SSC’s new subsidiary will offer SSC’s market-leading services, ranging from launch services to ground station networks and engineering services from their new offices at the Space Krenovation Park. The Space Krenovation Park is part of the new Digital Park Thailand which is an economic cluster, strategically located on the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) in Chonburi, Thailand.

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