Thai Airways brings back flight seats to popular Danish route

In August 2015 Thai Airways were forced to reduce  7000 flight seats from their direct routes to Phuket from Copenhagen. A new Boeing 777-200ER airplane with 292 seats was meant to fly Scandinavian tourists to the popular Thai island this winter. This meant a cutback of 16 percent. The Scandinavian sales management at Thai Airways was unhappy with the solution and convinced their head office to reconsider the original Boeing 777-300ER jet with 348 seats for the route from Denmark.
Regional head of Thai Airways Sales Management Flemming Sonne never liked the idea of reducing seats during the high season, and through hard work, arguing to change the new plane, it was finally managed to get an even bigger airplane for the popular route, the Boeing 747-400 with a capacity of flying 375 passengers.
“Of course we are very happy to announce we now have capacity to offer more seats in the high season for Thailand, which is December and January. Passengers will receive a better product and we will have more seats to sell. After this change we are now able to offer the same services like the last in winterseason,” Flemming Sonne says.
From 11 December 2015 to 31 January 2016 Thai Airways will fly two times weekly from Copenhagen to Phuket with the Boeing 747-400 jumbojet for 375 passengers.

In the beginning of February the Thai jumbojet will be replaced with the Boeing 777-200ER-jet with 83 less seats than the high season jet.




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