Thailand detains Cambodian opposition leader based in Denmark

Thailand has detained the leader of the Cambodian opposition party Khmer National Liberation Front, Sam Serey, who lives in Denmark.

The Phnom Penh Courthouse

He was detained by Thai police on Thursday the 28th of April at an immigration center north of Bangkok while trying to get his visa extended.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to Associated Press that “a foreign citizen with permanent residence in Denmark is detained in Thailand,” the ministry said, but would not elaborate further due to concerns of the citizens right to privacy.

In 2016 a Cambodian court sentenced Sam Serey in absentia to nine years in prison for plotting a terrorist attack in collaboration with the United States. Both have denied the accusations.

Sunai Phasuk, a senior Thai researcher for Human Rights Watch, told Associated Press that Sam Serey would face persecution amounting to violation of his human rights if he is extradited to Cambodia, so that Thailand was under obligation by international customary law not to send him there.

“The Thai government’s track record shows that it has always neglected this obligation which is why we are particularly very concerned over Sam Serey’s case,” he said.

Sam Serey was released later on the 26th and has returned to Denmark, where he lives in the town of Hundested.

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