Thailand online shopping guide

Thailand has come a very long way in regards to online shopping options available.

Over the past few years, Thailand has seen a rise in online shopping options with major shopping malls and small local businesses turning to online channels, making delivery nationwide available and shopping from every corner of the country possible.

The constant rate of growth has made Thailand the second largest B2C E-Commerce market in the Southeast Asia region, after Indonesia and the progress is especially convenient for people living in ritual areas of the country where options are always limited.

Online shopping is convenient, easy, and with Thailand’s development it now also allows you to be selective in your shopping. In addition, the new window of online retailers has also opened up for Nordics abroad to source very familiar items that they might have missed while living in Asia.  

Below is a list of user-friendly and reliable online platforms where you can pursue shopping directly from home and find items you might not be able to source locally in your area. The platforms are from personal experience efficient, reliable, and offer a variety of items including Nordic treats, home goods, and quality products from sports equipment to clothes and English books.   

Lazada is a combination of retail from their warehouses combined with a third-party marketplace. Lazada is hardly foreign to anyone who has been in Thailand for more than a few weeks as it is Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce platform and the go-to place for all things under the sun. 

Lazada has everything from Haribo and sun-dried tomatoes to mobile gadgets, clothes, pet supplies, and even Swedish Marabou chocolate. Most major brands have a flagship store on Lazada which lets you know that you are buying genuine branded goods and you are spoiled for choice. Contrary to what some people believe, Lazada marketplace is not only for major Chinese retailers and large brands but also a very popular marketplace for small local shops and independent Thai brands. Their seller center offers great opportunities for these small local businesses to get extra needed exposure to a very large customer group. If you filter your product search to ‘local’, only in-country sellers are shown and you will discover a world of organic, handmade, and locally produced items as well.

Lazada wins on efficiency with their easy and convenient customer service and offers several payment options. Customers can pay directly with a credit card, choose ‘cash on delivery’ or simply make payment at the nearest 7elleven. If you don’t like the item you bought, most sellers offer free returns with easy to print shipping labels and parcels for return dropped off at your nearest 7elleven.  

Shopee is very similar to Lazada except it is purely a third-party marketplace. Choosing between the two platforms is a bit like potato, potahto as they are so similar. In the debate regarding which one is best, Shopee has been known to be cheaper and better for smaller items and Lazada has been known to win on bigger items including electronics plus better shipping prices. With all online shopping platforms, browse the selection and check customer reviews and seller ratings before selecting your item.  


Many major department stores have also turned to online channels making shopping your favorite brands possible straight from your couch. The pros of shopping directly from a department store are that you are guaranteed genuine branded goods and the department stores often carry a larger selection than their flagship store on Ladaza does.  

Central Department Store lets shoppers shop a variety of goods through their website or the Central App. In addition, shoppers can also enjoy “personal shopper” service by contacting @centralofficial via Line (10:00-21:00) or call 0 2793 7555. Central offers affordable home delivery nationwide or personal pick up at your nearest Central Department Store. 

HomePro is the leading home improvement and appliances retailer in Thailand and offers a great selection and variety of products from home maintenance to small appliances. At HomePro you can choose home delivery or click and collect within one hour of ordering if your local area has a HomePro store.  

IKEA the Swedish furniture maker opened its first store in Bang Na, Thailand in November of 2014 and launched its online store a few years ago. Most Nordics grew up with IKEA and are now able to add Nordic quality and design into their homes in Thailand. IKEA offers a large variety of affordable furniture and they are especially known for the small space solutions. IKEA offers both parcel and truck delivery at a reasonable price to all areas of the country and delivers within just a few days. 

Jysk ThailandDanish retail chain, selling household goods such as mattresses, furniture, and interior décor opened their first Jysk store in Thailand in 2018. Jysk is known for its quality in bedding and mattresses offering 10 years mattress guarantee. Jysk Thailand has a wide selection of very affordable items with affordable shipping prices within a reasonable delivery time. 

Decathlon (Thailand)Decathlon, an international sports retailer offers affordable sportswear, shoes & gear for over 60 sports. Decathlon’s products are especially great when shopping for children as they offer quality products at a very affordable price. Decathlon Thailand also carries a selection of sports gear from tennis racks to footballs and again they win on quality and price.

Supersports offers a wide selection of internationally famous sports brands and products include branded sports gear, sports clothes, and shoes. If you are looking for genuine Nike or Adidas or other famous brands then Supersport is your go-to place.  

H&M ThailandSwedish H&M opened its first store in Thailand in 2012 and last September it opened up its online channel in the country. H&M offers a wider range of fashion items available throughout the seasons for ladies, men’s and kids. H&M has always been known as a favorite amongst parents as they offer quality clothes at affordable prices. 

Zara Thailand – Spain’s most famous fashion chain Zara started online sales in Thailand about 4 years ago. Zara is known for its fast-fashion, and products include clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty, and perfumes. Zara offers quality and trendy products for adults and kids. Zara is a bit more expensive than H&M but offers a wider variety of unique statement pieces. 

Asia Books is the largest English language bookseller in Thailand. They offer a wide selection of adult and children’s books in English with nationwide delivery at affordable prices. In addition, Asia books carry a large selection of dual Thai and English children books which are great for families of Thai and other nationalities who want to share storytime with their children. 

Conrad’s DeliIf you are craving Nordic food then Conrad’s deli has it all. The Danish owned Deli is producing and delivering Scandinavian food to all of Thailand and they make the quest for Nordic food so easy and convenient. They offer a very wide variety of homemade Scandinavian dishes including bread, pastry, meat, pickled products, and seasonal favorites. In addition, Conrad’s deli offers ‘bake it yourself’ products as well as ‘ready-to-eat dishes’. All products are delivered nationwide in boxes with dried ice. Conrad’s deli also offers three-course meals, Arla products, and homemade candy. The list is endless really and the products are well made and tasty.    


Villa Market Thailand is another retailer that has recently joined Thailand’s online family offering nationwide delivery. Villa Market is a supermarket with varieties of fresh, imported, and healthy products including seasonal candy such as Christmas advent calendars and candy canes. Villa Market also carries a few Nordic treats such as Béarnaise Sauce and Haribo plus a nice selection of other imported treats.  

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