Thailand targets Nordics for food export growth potential

Thailand’s National Food Institute has identified the Nordic countries as an important target for the country’s food and beverages export growth.

Petch Chinabutr, President of National Food Institute, said consumers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, who rank among the world’s most affluent, are familiar with Thai food through tourism. Canned_Young_Baby_Corn

“The Nordics hold out great promise for Thailand’s food and beverages export growth even though each of them has relatively small population size,” Petch said.

He pointed out that the northern European nations, with combined population of about 25 million, tend to punch above its weight when it comes to innovation rankings or competitiveness of their economies.

“The sustained high purchasing power of consumers makes the Nordic region among the most stable markets for Thai food and beverages export in Europe, with potential for further growth,” Petch said.

In 2013, Thai exported in food, consisting of frozen chicken, canned tuna, canned pineapple, sweet corn, rice, coconut milk, fruit juices, fresh tropical fruits, to the Nordic countries amounted to the equivalent of THB7.4 billion (or EUR185 million).

Source: National Food Institute (in Thai language)

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