The Best is yet to come: Staying Healthy during Retirement


Contrary to what may be popular belief, retirement does not signal the decline in a vibrant and productive life, only to be replaced by wheelchairs and nursing homes. In fact, all it takes is just some commitment to strengthening your body and mind to make retirement the best chapter of life.

bumrungradOf course, there are some health concerns that may become more common with aging, but preventative measures like managing one’s stress, eating healthy, and getting plenty of exercise can go a long way toward helping retirees feel and live healthier. As you embark on this new journey, the healthcare professionals at Bumrungrad International’s New Life Healthy Aging Clinic have put together the following tips for staying active, healthy, and happy during retirement.

  • Get moving. The health benefits of a regular exercise regime can’t be overstated, as its effects can be beneficial not only for your physical health, but for mental health as well. Strive to complete at least 20 minutes of aerobic activity each day, and at least twice a week add a moderate strength training regime to help build and strengthen your muscles. Simple activities such as taking a walk around your neighborhood, going for a swim, joining a community aerobic exercise class, signing up for a dance class, joining a hiking or bicycling group, can all add up to a fun and effective way to get in your daily recommended exercises without having to spend hours in the gym.
  • Eat well, drink less alcohol. Along with regular exercise, a diet rich in the nutrients your body needs, and low on the toxins it doesn’t need, can go a long way toward maintaining your best health at any age. Nutrition doesn’t just affect the waist line; eating healthy has been proven to have a positive effect on mental health and motivation as well. In this regard, it is also important to note that the consumption of alcohol needs to stay moderate and carefully managed. The dangers that come with overconsumption of these substances far outweigh whatever fun could be had in the moment, so always keep in mind the value of a strong and healthy mind and body for long-term happiness. In short, a healthy diet should include:
    – Variety
    – Lean protein
    – Vegetables
    – Fruits
    – Water (1.5 to 2 liters daily)
    – Vitamin and mineral supplements as recommended by your doctor.
  • Learn a new skill. Retirement does not mean that we stop developing our cognitive function and stop learning new things altogether. In fact, this is one of the most important times for strengthening the brain by learning new skills in order to boost brain performance and fight against memory loss.
  • Pay attention to your doctor. Being a good patient involves being a central figure in your own healthcare. If you’re involved and informed about what your health risks could be, and take part in prevention rather than reacting to illness, the chances of your retirement being spent in hospitals and clinics can be greatly reduced. Instead, take part in regular check-ups, and listen to your doctor’s recommendations about what to do (or not do) in order to strengthen your health. At Bumrungrad, the New Life Healthy Aging Clinic offers a number of health screening packages that are targeted at addressing the health risks and needs of older adults. The packages include:
    – Holistic male 55-69
    – Holistic female 55-69
    – Holistic male 70+
    – Holistic female 70+
  • Sleep well. It’s hard to overstate the restorative benefits of a restful night’s sleep. Making sure that you are getting your daily recommended seven hours of sleep is just one more way you can make sure that your body and mind have the resources they need to ward off the health risks that can become more common as we age.
  • Stay engaged. Without the daily routine and built-in social connection of going to work every day, it can be hard to maintain a healthy social connection and therefore fall into isolation. This isolation can then lead to issues such as depression and substance abuse. Make sure that you’re involved in your community by joining groups or organizations that you’re interested in, and make it a point to stay connected to your friends and family.

Making your retirement years happy and healthy is fairly easy to achieve, all it takes is approaching this chapter of life with more positivity and willingness to commit a little more time and effort to your physical and mental well-being. Spend more time taking part in activities that benefit your health, and enjoy the golden years; the power is in your hands.

dsc_5832The New Life Healthy Aging Clinic at Bumrungrad International is the right place for older adults who are looking for a holistic approach to healthcare, ranging from primary health and preventive care to more complicated medical cases. The center features a multidisciplinary team led by an experienced geriatrician and supported by a clinical nurse specialist, clinical pharmacist, nutritionist, and physical therapist. Make your appointment at the clinic today, and get started on a healthy journey through retirement.

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