The Chinese Embassy condemns Swedish political demands on deporting the Ambassador

The Chinese Embassy in Stockholm condemns the demand from Swedish parties that Ambassador Gui Congyou be deported after the embassy’s threatening email to Swedish journalist Jojje Olsson, local media Expressen reports.

The Sweden Democrats and the Christian Democrats in Sweden have previously demanded that China’s ambassador Gui Congyou be expelled from Sweden and after his recent email to journalist Jojje Olsson became known, they repeated their demand. 

According to Expressen, The Chinese Embassy has hit back with a statement on their website that states that “some politicians from the Sweden Democrats and the Christian Democrats have made incorrect comments about China and Sino-Swedish relations, which we condemn and strongly oppose”. 

The embassy believes that the SD and KD politicians consider themselves entitled to defame and lie about China, the Communist Party, and the government without China being allowed to make clarifications.

“For these politicians, ‘freedom of speech’ means having the freedom to spread lies about China.”

“China is a polite and respectful country that believes in mutual respect. It is only when you respect others that you yourself are respected “, the embassy writes in the statement.

Foreign policy spokesman for SD, Markus Wiechel on Friday said to Expressen, “Already in 2019, we demanded that he (China’s ambassador Gui Congyou) should be undesirable here. That was after he threatened journalists and politicians, which is completely unacceptable.” According to Lars Adaktusson, foreign policy spokesman for KD, “The ambassador has been called repeatedly and it has not helped. He needs to be declared persona non grata.” 

According to Expressen, Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Ann Linde commented on the demands on Saturday announcing that the Ambassador will now be deported but that “It is, of course, completely unacceptable for an embassy to make threatening statements against a journalist,” she wrote in a comment.

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