The COVID19-situation in Denmark: find all information on Danish National Police website

514 Danish individuals have been infected with the novel coronavirus, according to the National Danish Health Agency on 11 March 2020. None have yet died because of the virus as of 12 March 2020.

The Danish government has passed several new measures to reduce the risk of infection with the virus. This includes sending non-essential civil service personnel and students from all institutions of education home for two weeks as of 13 March 2020. The Danish government also recommends private companies to do the same. All indoors institutions of culture, such as libraries, museums and sports activities, are to be temporarily closed for two weeks, along with public- and private institutions of education. Finally, meetings with more than 100 participants are banned.

The new measures can bring a lot of questions to mind: where can I ask questions? What is the risk of being infected? What can I do about school or work? What can I do for my kids? What about traffic?

The government has – somewhat unusual – given the Danish National Police the responsibility to collect all news regarding the novel coronavirus. The Danish National Police has set up a website that has news, information and recommendations available.

At you can easily find information relevant to you as the website is divided in sections such as: ‘for you with kids in kindergarten’, ‘for you who has to use public transport’, ‘for you who owns a business’. If the website does not offer the information you seek, the National Police links to a hotline where you can ask questions.


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