The Consulate General of Sweden published a warning on Corona virus

The general consulate of Sweden in Hong Kong published an announcement regarding Coronavirus on 28th January 2020.

The official statement said:

There is currently an outbreak of a new coronavirus originating in Wuhan in central China. Majority of confirmed cases have been found in Wuhan. Cases have also been confirmed in other parts of China as well as in several other countries. In Hong Kong eight cases have been reported – Centre for Helth Protection. The Goverment of Hongkong updates its website regarding the outbreak frequently.

To limit further spread of the virus, the Government in Hong Kong has January 25 declared the highest level of emergency and contingency measures have been taken. The authorities in Hong Kong have imposed health checks for people traveling to Hong Kong and several schools are closed until February 17. All flights and high-speed trains to the Chinese city Wuhan are cancelled until further notice. Hong Kong Marathon  on 9th February 2020 is cancelled.

It is recommended to observe good hand-, airway- and personal hygiene (sneezing and coughing in the arm crease, washing your hands carefully with soap and water and then disinfectants and let air dry). One should avoid visiting markets where animals and poultry are found and avoid contact with people who have symptoms of ongoing respiratory infection. If you develop respiratory symptoms within 14 days of your stay in Wuhan, you should contact a healthcare facility and at the same time inform the healthcare staff about your stay in Wuhan.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden updates its website and is constantly monitoring the development, read questions and answers about the virus here and more information about the outbreak here. Also, on the WHO:s website there is additional information about the coronavirus and international cooperation to limit the outbreak and its effects.

If you have a specific question you are welcome to call or email the Consulate General directly.

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