The Global School accepts fall semester applications for Norwegian children abroad 

The Global School (Globalskolen) is an online teaching platform offering Norwegian, social studies, and KRLE for primary school-age students living abroad. The offer is adapted to families who want to keep in touch with Norway and Norwegian primary schools.

The teaching takes place via the Internet, the students will spend a minimum of 90 minutes per submission and receive weekly feedback from their contact teacher via text, audio, or video. Each semester consists of 15 submissions (30 lessons each school year).

The scheme has been approved by the Directorate of Education and comes under the scheme for complementary teaching. The offer also applies to students who have Norwegian as a second language.

The global school has limited school places and operates on the principle of “first come, first served”. The earlier you apply, the greater the chance that the child will be secured a school place. The application deadline is 30 August for the autumn semester. 

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