The temple dogs

Temples in Thailand are often places where people leave their dogs when they can no longer take care of them – or just don’t want to face the responsibility when it becomes inconvenient.

The monks feed the many temple dogs, but they often have short lives for several reasons. One temple feeds the dogs roughly crushed chicken bones. If the splinters perforate their intestines, it is not the monks fault.

This montage was produced by Disraporn Yatprom, ScandAsia’s art director.

“I watched a family drive up to the gates of the temple, unload five puppies and get in the car and drive off,” she says.

“Four of the five puppies didn’t get what was happening, but one of the five puppies ran after the car, yapping for help. Twenty meters from the gate, the car stopped and opened the back door and scooped the puppy in when it reached the car and then sped off. The four abandoned puppies  still didn’t get what was happening. It was heart breaking.”

Fortunately, there are kind people living nearby who twice a week or even every day come to help out. New dogs – and cats – are dumped every day. And every day, dead dogs are collected and trashed.


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