Princess Mary Of Denmark Gives Birth To Twins

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark have become the proud parents of twins, a boy and a girl. Prince Frederik referred to the twins as “a miracle times of two”. Going by the reports of the Danish media, the twins were born at an interval of almost half an hour.

The boy was born at 10:30 in the morning and weighed 2.67kg while the girl was born at 10:56 a.m and weighs 2.55kg.

Princess Mary was not due to deliver the babies until next week but because of two false alarms, her delivery was preponed by a week. Her father John Donaldson was in Denmark at the time of the babies’ birth, Princess Mary’s sister Jane Stephens said.

Jane Stephens also went on to say that the whole family is just delighted with the news of the new members of the family. They are very pleased that the twins and the mother are healthy as well as happy. Prince Frederik reported that the delivery took place without any complications.

The 38-year-old princess was admitted to the National Rigshospitalet Hospital in Copenhagen early Saturday morning as she went into labor. She was accompanied by her husband, Crown Prince Frederik. He was present all throughout the whole process. The happy father calls it “a miracle” to the media, who gathered at the hospital to get the latest news.

Best wishes are pouring in from different parts over the world, congratulating the proud parents. The royal couple already have 2 children, Prince Christian, 5, and Princess Isabella, 3.


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