The ‘threat from China’

In a way, the article at the very back of this issue of ScandAsia is the most important. It deals with how China and Russia is a threat to the rule-of-law based world order which has kept peace in Europe – and largely also in Asia – since the Second World War ended in 1945.

The second most important news might be the warning issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark to check your social media record if you plan to visit Hong Kong. Now that the new “security” law is in place, foreigners are not immune to arrests and imprisonment by the regime. In fact, foreigners never were, as Sweden can testify in the case of Gui Minhai.

As a foreigner living in Thailand I am privileged to have frequent contact with Chinese visitors here and we often spend hours discussing the political situation in the world. It is reassuring to experience first hand that not all Chinese agree with the ruling Communist Party of China.

I would therefore like to comment on the threats that the Nordic report describes against the Nordic countries. The report uses throughout the report the word “China” and “Chinese”, where it in my mind should in many cases rather have used the words “Communist Party of China”. It is important to keep in mind and in particular for politicians in the Nordic countries for whom China used to be a country far away.

I would encourage readers to read the report – there is a download link at the end of the article – and tell me what you think.

Have a great summer – stay safe!

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