Think twice before you park

Photo: Christopher Ziemnowicz
Photo: Christopher Ziemnowicz

The Royal Thai Police are upgrading their effort to catch traffic offenders. Especially illegally parked cars are targeted.

This week hundreds of drivers in Thailand have had their wheels locked as part of a nationwide campaign against traffic violations. According to Bangkok Post this monday alone 428 offenders had their wheels clamped in Bangkok between 6 am and noon. Lat Phrao 101 Road had the most offenders, here 153 set of wheels ended up in a lock.

But it is not only drivers in Bangkok that might want to make sure that they are parking legally. While the Metropolitan Police Bureau will supply a large number of clamps, police chiefs at stations nationwide have been ordered to allocate budget for clamps.

The police tells Bangkok Post that they urge people, especially public figures, to understand that parking in prohibited areas is illegal and a direct cause of traffic congestion.

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  1. Good idea, this should have been carried out many years ago, and thus people will know. Pls. send clamps to north eastern provinces too

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