Swedish table tennis legend to launch clothing brand in China

Photo: kanjitard @ Flickr
Photo: kanjitard @ Flickr

After a long table tennis career Jan-Ove Waldner has a legendary status in China. According to Swedish newspaper Expressen he plans to launch his own clothing brand in the country.

In 2013 Jan-Ove Waldner was pictured on Chinese poststamps, he is one out of only three foreigners who has ever received this honor.

He revealed the plans of launching his own clothing brand while visiting the Youth Olympic Games currently held in Nanjing. Jan-Ove Waldner told Viasat why he is launching a brand in China now.

“That is where I have the biggest name. It is a good situation now, everything is gearing down and I only play in the elite series,” he tells Viasat.

In China the 48 year old Jan-Ove Waldner is also known as Lao Wa, which means “Old Wa(ldner)”. According to Expressen the first collection of clothes will be introduced in China August next year.

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