Top Asian and Nordic Escapist hotels featuring luxury in the countryside

A new trend amongst a wave of hotels is seen offering a spectacular alternative to a traditional hotel building with corridors. The new initiative allows guests a taste of off-grid living while still being able to order room service.

The so-called escapist hotels offer guests to sleep in individual luxury cabins set amid spectacular landscapes and Dezeen, influential architecture and design magazines have rounded up their top selection.  

From China to Sweden and Denmark, studios including ZJJZ AtelierSigurd Larsen and Videgård Arkitekter have designed hotels featuring individual rooms scattered across hillsides, within forests, or on cliff tops.

ScandAsia has highlighted the Asian and Nordics favorites citing Dezeen below. 

China – The Woodhouse Hotel by ZJJZ Atelier 

The Woodhouse Hotel by ZJJZ Atelier is made up of 10 wooden cabins scattered across a hillside side near the remote village of Tuanjie, China.

The studio designed the hotel, which consists of a variety of different shaped cabins orientated to take advantage of the views, as part of a government scheme aimed at introducing agricultural tourism to the area

China – The Woodhouse Hotel by ZJJZ Atelier 

Sweden – Treehotel by Tham + Videgård Arkitekter

Hotelier Treehotel called on Snøhetta and Tham & Videgård ArkitekterSandellSandberg as well as Inredningsgruppen to design various cabin suites for this hotel in northern Sweden.

Suites include a birds’ nest-informed cabin by Inredningsgruppen, a cabin by Cyrén & Cyrén’s that is only accessible by bridge, and a cabin clad in mirrors that allows it to blend into the forested surroundings, designed by Tham + Videgård.

Sweden – Treehotel by Tham + Videgård Arkitekter

Denmark – Løvtag’s Treetop Cabin, Denmark, by Sigurd Larsen

Created for treetop-hotel company Løvtag, this hotel-cabin is raised eight meters above the ground in a Danish forest.

Built as the first of nine cabins that will be clustered within the forest, Sigurd Larsen designed the suite to express “Nordic minimalism”. It is wrapped around a living tree, which acts as a center point for the interior space.

Denmark – Løvtag’s Treetop Cabin by Sigurd Larsen

China – Mountain and Cloud Cabins by Wiki World and Advanced Architecture Lab

This hotel consists of 18 mirrored cabin-suites designed by Wiki World and Advanced Architecture Lab. In total there are five different cabin typologies, some with balconies suspended above tea fields, others with pointed forms perched further up the slopes of the mountain. Each cabin exists as its own hotel room.

Wiki World founder Mu Wei said he wanted the cabins to have a Nordic feel, informed by his time living in Norway.

China – Mountain and Cloud Cabins by Wiki World and Advanced Architecture Lab

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