Tourist agreement for first direct flights to Copenhagen from China

On 30 July 2015 the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing hosted the signing of an agreement between CAISSA Touristic and Scandinavian Tourist Board. The agreement is concerns the first direct charter flight to Copenhagen from China, and it will give even Chinese tourists the opportunity to visit Denmark. The Chinese airline Beijing Capital Airlines, a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines, will be operating the flights.

København-Copenhagen“My main point today is to praise CAISSA Touristic, Capital Airlines and Scandinavia Tourist Board to seize the opportunities to bring Chinese tourists to Denmark,” said Lars Bo Larsen, Deputy Head of Mission at the Royal Danish Embassy, when he gave the keynote speech at the signing of the contract between the two parts.

“Denmark provides unique opportunities for Chinese people to experience the Danish lifestyle with a clean environment and true Danish cosiness in the country of fairy tales.”

The agreement between the two parts means in short that CAISSA Touristic will sell travel packages to Chinese tourists who want to visit Denmark and meet The Little Mermaid or perhaps take a walk in Hans Christian Andersen’s Hometown Odense. When the customer buys a package, they will fly from either Beijing or Hangzhou and Capital Airlines will transport them directly to Denmark.

Zheng Dan, general manager of CAISSA Touristic, said that there were many fine reasons for why Copenhagen was chosen as the destination.

“Copenhagen is the biggest city in Northern Europe and it is also an important transition zone for our customers if they travel to other cities through Copenhagen. Also Denmark itself has some fantastic tourist attractions.”

CAISSA Touristic is expected to sell 10,000 packages to Copenhagen and Denmark for the rest of 2015.



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