Denmark’s State Visit to Indonesia Oct 2015, with business delegation announced

Royal-Margrethe-DenmarkIn 2015 a new auspicious occasion has arrived for Queen Margrethe II of the Kingdom of Denmark to head east. Following on 2014’s state visit to China Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Prince Consort‘s state visit to Indonesia is announced for 21 to 24 October 2015.

At the invitation of the Republic of Indonesia’s President, His Excellency Joko Widodo, H.M. Queen Margrethe II and the Prince Consort will visit Southeast-Asian nation for the very first time, along with a business delegation.

For the organizing team, with the Embassy of Denmark, Indonesia on site, the detailed preparations are proceeding at rapid pace. Danish companies were in invited to join the official business delegation to Indonesia, with 3 August as deadline.

Activities, seminars and events during the state visit will primarily take place under four sectors and companies operating within these will participate and join relevant activities.

The four sectors are: Maritime (shipping, ports, ship building, maritime technologies and services, fisheries and homeland security), Urban & Cleantech Solutions (clean energy, water, waste management, energy efficiency, architecture and construction), Agribusiness (food processing, agricultural machinery, food security and safety, aqua tech, aquaculture, food and beverages, and Design & Lifestyle (furniture, interior design, fashion, jewellery and education through play).

The other organisers are: Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Danish Shipowners’ Association, Danish Maritime, and Danish Export Association.

For the business delegation the tentative programmer contained the following elements:

Wed 21 October
Briefing of the Danish Business Delegation including an introduction to ‘Doing
Business in Indonesia’
Informal Networking Dinner for the Business Delegation

Thu 22 October
Grand Opening
Official opening of the Danish Maritime Business Forum
Sector specific Agribusiness activities

Friday 23 October
Official opening of Design & Lifestyle event
Sector specific Design & Lifestyle activities
Official opening of Agribusiness activity
Official opening of Urban & Cleantech Solutions event
Sector specific Urban & Cleantech Solutions activities
Gala Dinner

Sat 24 October
Sector specific Maritime activities
De-briefing of the Danish Business Delegation, Jakarta
Individual sector activities in Surabaya

The Embassy of Denmark, Indonesia has identified great opportunities in Indonesia.
“Indonesia is one of the most economical interesting countries in the world with a big potential and several market opportunities for Danish companies to explore,” says the embassy’s website.

In relation to this fact, the Danish government launched ‘Growth Strategy Indonesia’ in March 2013. The strategy forms part of the overall effort from Denmark to strengthen cooperation within 10 selected emerging and growing markets. In close cooperation between the private and public sector, the strategy will form the content of the hard work to increase the Danish engagement in these rapidly growing economies, from where the bulk of global economic growth will come in the coming years.

Growth Strategy Indonesia aims to double Danish export to Indonesia by 2016, and several initiatives will be implemented to reach this target. Besides cross-cutting actions, the focus will be on six sectors where Denmark has unique competencies and Indonesia at the same time demands foreign investments:

  • Cleantech – environment, green growth, renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Food industry and technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Design, luxury and consumer goods
  • Healthcare

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