Transgender caught snatching Finnish tourist’s necklace in Pattaya

A  transgender in Pattaya on Feb 27 was apprehended by the Pattaya Police of snatching Kai Christian Anderson’s – a Finnish national – necklace during a vacation with his brother in the seaside town.

Finnish Kai Christian Anderson points his finger to Chayarat Mattigo suggesting Mattigo was his gold chain snatcher in Pattaya. Photo: Pattaya One

A transsexual Chayarat Mattigo had been detained by members of the public, who was accused of approaching Mr. Anderson, placing his hands around him and then attempting to snatch a gold necklace from around his neck.

The 22-year-old Chayarad was taken to Pattaya Police Station along with the victim and his brother but he vehemently denied allegations of attempting to steal the necklace with pendant. Despite the denial, he was charged and it will now be up to a Court Judge to decide if he committed the crime or not.

The incident occurred less than 24 hours after a warning by the Pattaya Police Chief to be aware that street crime in Pattaya is prevalent and foreigners are being targeted as they are considered an easy option for criminals.

Source: The Pattaya One

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