Tropical storm set to hit northern, central Laos today

The Weather Forecasting and Aeronautical Meteorology Department yesterday issued a warning that Tropical Storm Mangkhut is moving closer to northern Laos and it may bring with it heavy rains and thunderstorms today and tomorrow, the Vientiane Times reports.

Central provinces including Savannakhet, Khammuan, Borikhamxay, and Vientiane may also be affected. Therefore, the warning is intended to alert people in these areas for moderate to heavy rains as well as thunderstorms.

The storm yesterday moved in from the South China Sea in a north-westerly direction and at a speed of 30 km per hour. It is now expected to pass over northern Vietnam before lessening to a depression and bringing heavy rain to Laos’ northern provinces.
“This system will impact us more than tropical storm Jebi did last week and we expect it to cause more damage and bring more severe conditions,” Head of the Weather Forecasting and Aeronautical Meteorology Division, Mr Vandy Duangmala told Vientiane Times yesterday.

The department is informing all local authorities and people in these provinces to be on high alert for heavy rains, strong winds, landslides and flash floods.
Authorities and residents should take all necessary precautions where flooding is a threat including moving livestock and possessions to higher ground, securing rice stores, weighing down loose objects around houses, stocking up on supplies and monitoring weather reports. Scandinavians in the areas are advised to follow weather reports closely.

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