Finland, will you marry me, Baby?

9 August is Singapore’s National Day and a Singaporean ad agency has a special agenda for the day: They want to get married to Finland.

As a gimmick on Singapore’s National Day the Singaporean advertisement agency BBH Asia Pacific made a proposal video to Finland.

Singapore has fallen in love with Finland because the Scandinavian country is in a great supply of land, in opposition to Singapore that has a key challenge in the overcoming land scarcity. The thought was, that the two countries could get married, and share the land, BBH creative director Maurice Wee explains.


“We have so much in common. We’re both rich and… well-educated; and we’d like some of that land. I think Fingapore rolls off the tongue quite nicely,” she tells Yahoo Entertainment, Singapore.

The video is styled in a manner similar to last year’s “National Night”, that along with this year’s proposal video, was released a week ahead of National Day. Last year the video encouraged married Singaporeans to “do their National Duty”, “make fireworks ignite” and “tap (each other) all night like an EZ-link card” (smartcard technology used for the payment of public transportation fares in Singapore).


For ScandAsia it has not been clear what Finland’s answer to the proposal is.

Watch both videos on the link below: