Tsunami hit area in Indonesia to learn from Swedish waste management

The Swedish municipality Huddinge will share its experiences from waste management with an area in Indonesia that is in need after tsunami.

Representatives from the Swedish Municipality Huddinge are going to Indonesia to take the first step in a collaboration partnership with the Indonesian province Banda Aceh. The trip begins in the weekend 5-6 September and is initiated by SIDA and aims to contribute knowledge sharing, the municipality said in a press release.

“Banda Aceh has been forced to quickly rebuild their society with limited resources, so I think we can learn a lot from them. Furthermore this knowledge exchange is a way for Huddinge to work for at better global environment,” said Helene Nyborn, environmental inspector and project manager for the cooperation.


The trip serves as a preliminary study for a potential partnership. The Banda Aceh province was hit hard by the tsunami 2004, and is in particular requesting knowledge exchange on aspects such as sustainability issues, waste management, water and sewage.

Another important aspect is local democracy, in which Swedish municipalities have extensive experience. Later in the autumn representatives from Banda Aceh will visit Huddinge.

Huddinge is the second biggest municipality in Sweden after Stockholm. The city has a young and fast growing population, and is placed just 15 minutes outside StockholmCity. Huddinge is characterized by its strong growth, unique nature environments and diverse business.

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