Uppsala University develops innovations with Peking University


It will soon be easier for researchers at Uppsala University to further develop and spread their innovations in China. The University has just entered into an agreement with Beijing University whereby Uppsala researchers get access to a new international center of innovation and valuable knowledge about the Chinese market.

The University of Uppsala is the first European university to partner up with Peking University in the government-backed effort to build support for innovation and information in China.

“That the University of Uppsala has been accepted as the first European university is of course a great honor. Especially considering that Peking University will have this type of agreement with no more than 15 universities worldwide. It shows that the University of Uppsala’s international reputation and the support of innovations that have been built here are respected internationally, which is good news, says Lars Jonsson, business manager at Uppsala University Innovation (UU Innovation).

Among other things, the University of Uppsala will have access to office space in the new global innovation center ITTC. The University will also gain access to the data and analysis of the Chinese market and have the opportunity to use Peking University’s alumni network.

In return, the University of Uppsala is expected to present innovative ideas through Peking University.

“By being a part of this process from the start and work with a highly trusted and respected Chinese partner, Uppsala University and the companies and projects annually spun off from here are now able to take advantage of the large investments in innovation, which happening in China right now, says Lars Jonsson.


 Source: www.mynewsdesk.com

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