Denmark and Vietnam foster scientific research cooperation

Denmark is expanding cooperation with Vietnam in science and technology, focusing on green growth and new energy, in which Denmark has many experiences that it is willing to share with Vietnam.

The statement was made by John Nielsen, Danish Ambassador to Vietnam at the annual meeting of the Vietnam-Denmark pilot Research Cooperation Program in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi on Thursday.

During the three-year period, from 2009-2011, the two countries have launched five projects,covering the creation of new flood- resistant and salt-tolerant rice varieties for coastal plain areas, measures to help aquaculture adapt to climate change in the northern region, new technologies to treat and recycle water, multi-lateral communication systems to reduce the northern central region’s disaster vulnerability, and sustainable development of aquaculture in the central region in the context of climate change.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Viet Thanh, for his part, said that the programhas attracted the interest of Vietnam’s science and technology community for its efficiency intackling important issues that Vietnam is facing, including the urgent matter of climate change.

At the meeting, the two sides updated each other on the latest policies of their respectivecountries in the field of science and technology, and worked out the direction for researchcooperation in the coming period.

The pilot Research Cooperation Program has been carried out by Denmark in two countries of Vietnam and Tanzania.

Source: China Daily

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