Vietnamese, Danish artists bring ‘Hanoi Recitals’ to Denmark

“Hanoi recitals”, a cross genre musical project leaded by Vietnamese and Danish artists, is being performed and work shopped across Denmark until September 26, ThanhNien News reported.

The group of performers includes contemporary artists Tri Minh and Michael Møller, as well as traditional Vietnamese artists Pham Tra My (16-string instrument) and Le Thuy Linh (36 strings) and several other Danish musicians.

Hanoi Recitals includes new compositions by Minh from Vietnam and Møller from Denmark. The pieces reflect a varieties of cultures found in Denmark and Vietnam in the 21-century. But the performances also embrace the traditions and histories of the two countries.

Tri Minh is a pioneer electronic artist who has worked/performed with various international and local artists for the last 15 years. Minh has composed and performed with Michael Møller on several occasions.

Møller is an award-winning composer and performer living in Copenhagen. He has released five albums with the band Moi Caprice. He released a solo album in 2007 and a successful 31-song internet release in 2011. He recently won a Danish Music Award as Innovator of the Year and a Critics Award as Composer of the Year.

The goal of the project is to enhance cooperation between Vietnamese and Danish composers, musicians and music students and enhance cultural exchange and understanding between artists and new audiences in Vietnam and Denmark.

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