Norway to sell omega 3 from herring caviar in Malaysia

A new deal between Norway’s Arctic Nutrition and Holista Colltech of Malaysia will bring herring caviar omega 3 to the Southeast Asia market, reported. With the new deal Holista Colltech of Malaysia will be able to use the fatty omega 3 acid in its supplements.

The Southeast Asia’s supplements market is already dominated by botanicals, the website says, so Arctic Nutrition will have to rely on Holista’s local knowledge to spread awareness of the properties of herring caviar to drive orders.

“It is not as mature a market as you have in the US and some places in Europe, but we are quite excited about how this will develop,” Hogne Hallaråker, Arctic Nutrition’s Chief Executive said to

“We expect the omega 3 boom that we’ve seen particularly in the US will find its way to Asia although maybe in a different format – but dietary supplements and health is just as important in Southeast Asia as in the US and Europe,” he adds.


In Malaysia Hollista is leading the market with a fish oil called Pristin, but Rajen M, who is the company’s founder and chief executive, believes the brand could benefit from greater innovative.

“Fish oil is going to grow, more so now. It is because of the way it absorbs into the target organs, and how the body effectively uses it – phospholipids are the next step; the next generation,” he said to the website.

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