Volvo studies driving behavior in Chinese megacities to improve safety

The China-Sweden Research Centre for Traffic Safety (CTS), with Volvo Car Group in a leading role, is now starting a close-up study of driving behavior in the Chinese megacities Beijing and Shanghai. The insight into how drivers handle these exceptionally busy traffic environments is an important part of Volvo Cars’ aim to develop safety systems that help drivers all over the world to avoid accidents.

“The development of all our world-leading safety technologies is based on knowledge from real-life traffic. The field operational test in China will provide us with a valuable insight into the behavior of drivers in an intense environment with a very high rate of accidents and casualties. The study will also document how our present safety and driver support systems work in a Chinese context,” says John-Fredrik Grönvall, Manager Traffic Accident Research at Volvo Cars Safety CentreVolvo-self-driving-car-537x353

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