Volvo to promote safer roads in Philippines

volvo car safety
These are the kinds of signs Volvo will use to promote road safety. Photo: Volvo Philippines

The Swedish carmaker Volvo launches project in Philippines called Safe Roads for road safety.

According to Carmudi Philippines, the program is part of Volvo’s vision of having no casualties or injured in new Volvos by 2020.

The program involves raising road-safety awareness through visible road and traffic signage in Manila. The carmaker especially wishes to reach school children and their parents or guardians.

In order to create more awareness around school premises, Volvo will work with various academic institutions. The first partner is the Protestant school MGC New Life Christian Academy.

Volvo also hopes to get through to motorist and pedestrian to change their road behaviour to make the roads safer for everyone and save more lives.

volvo safety philippines
MGC New Life Christian Academy’s Joanna Uy is seen posing with Volvo Philippines’ head of marketing, Chris Lee Yu, in front of Volvo signs.
Photo: Volvo Philippines

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