World’s largest shipping hub to integrate unmanned systems

Finnish researchers will design and develop an advanced wireless network for PSA Singapore Terminals to help the shipping centre integrate unmanned systems, Engineering and Technology Magazine reported.

The VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland will work with PSA, the world’s biggest transshipment hub, on innovative technologies, which could help PSA manage and integrate the currently developed automated guided vehicles (AGV).

“PSA is leveraging on VTT’s expertise in wireless mesh networks to further integrate the automation and intelligent technologies we are implementing,” said Oh Bee Lock, PSA Singapore Terminal’s Chief Operating Officer.

“These innovations will bolster our capabilities to operate the next-generation automated hub port, and to provide class-leading service, productivity and efficiency to our customers.”

A wireless mesh network consists of a group of wireless devices which can boost the reliability and connectivity of the grid, by relaying and distributing data traffic from other devices within the network. These and other features can also be applied in similar places, such as railway yards and automated storage areas. The robust and powerful wireless network will enable smooth command and control of PSA’s future automated fleet.

“VTT is honoured by this partnership, which represents a significant toehold for us in the Singapore market. We look forward to working closely with PSA, and fulfil their business requirements and operational needs of such sophisticated terminal systems,” said VTT’s Jouko Suokas, Executive Vice President, Business Solutions.


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