Your choice: do you opt for sauna or ice lab?

We all know that the popular Finnish Sauna is good for both body and mind. Spending time in the sauna with friends or just sitting by your self is relaxing and also very refreshing. After a long day when your body aches, the heat does well.

In Finland and Sweden it’s a way of socializing. Thursday evenings during the winter months, the Swedes usually gather together in the sauna, we call it “bastu”, having a beer afterward and the traditional Thursday dishes; yellow Pea soup followed by pancakes with jam and whipped cream and hot punch beverage. This has been a tradition in Sweden for ages.

The Finns, I assume, have similar traditions, not sure about the Pea soup and pancakes, but they do socialize in the sauna and usually will walk straight out in the cold and if there is snow, they will roll around in it. It is said that it hardens the immune system and you become less receptive for colds and flus. After a long party night, with lots of alcohol, it’s a also healthy way to get rid of an eventual hang over. In Sweden we started in 1200AD to build saunas and they became popular places for drinking and chatting, sometimes for wild parties. In the sauna you are naked and in especially Finland, you use birch twigs to hit yourself.

In Scandinavia it is common that hotels and some apartment houses offer a sauna. As we are not very shy, we mostly have a mixed sauna. Many private villas are also equipped with a sauna. Today it has also become popular to install a steam bath. It’s similar to a sauna, but very humid in comparison, almost wet inside. It also says be very healthy, especially for your lungs.

Well, the opposite of a sauna, must be the cryotherapy chamber or the so called, Ice Lab. This is the cool way to recovery. This special ice-cold lab says be the way to keep you young looking and healthy.

Ice Labs are not yet very common in Europe, but I am sure there are health institutes offering cryotherapy. In the US it has become popular and many athletes find it beneficial. It says that it reduces inflammation in joints and muscles; improves metabolic function in skeletal muscle, the thyroid and adrenal function and on hormonal expressions; reduces cellulite; tightens your skin; gives you stronger and fuller hair & nails; increases libido, collagen production, lymph draining and blood circulation among much more. Sounds like the solution for almost everything!

If you have undergone joint and spinal surgery you will benefit from Ice Lab sessions. The cold chamber can also relieve degenerative joint diseases. If you have a sleeping disorder, it also might be worth trying.

Now, something I find very interesting and that makes me curious are treatments in the icy cold temperatures – said to burn about 800 calories in just one session! Wow, might safe you hours at the gym! It is not recommended to stay more than 3 minutes in the Ice Lab; it’s -110 degrees Celsius. We were in for 2 minutes and we’re starting to feel like ice statues at the National Swedish Day ceremonies. Soon after we felt refreshed and exhilarated.

Where can one find an Ice Lab in Bangkok you might ask? Well, I know for sure, some Ice Bars and nowadays I also happen to know where you will find an Ice lab, the one and only in Thailand today.

Living in Bangkok, you might have heard about APEX Clinics. Apex has clinics at different locations in Bangkok e.g. at Emporium shopping mall, at Thong Loh etc. but the latest Apex is not only a rejuvenate clinic, it’s a whole medical center located near the Ploen Chit BTS station.

Here you can book treatments for your whole body; starting with feet and ending with your scalp. If you need your teeth whitened, no problems or you have to have your wisdoms teeth removed or a whole new gum, you can have it all. Are you considering a way to loose fat, well you can do it with liposuction. At this medical center they do minor surgeries and the operation facilities are non plus ultra – very modern and with the latest equipment.

Of course you can have Face lift or get your injections with Botox. We are now getting closer to the scalp and here I want to explain about another treatment that Apex also is the first clinic to offer Bioscore, Hair & Scalp Treatment program. This is for you who are having hair loss and thinness. Dr. Alan Ong, a victim of male pattern baldness himself, formulated this special program in Melbourne. No surgery is involved in this program. The treatment includes the use of unique blend medications, vitamins and herbs to revitalize affected follicles and to stimulate regrowth of your hair.

You begin with an examination, blood testing and hormone analysis to determine whether your hormone level is appropriate for the treatment of hair loss. First the doctor will inspect your hair and scalp condition and diagnose from the result. To increase the strength and stimulate new hair regrowth a Bioscore Led Light Therapy will be used. The hair treatment stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp and does a deep cleansing of your scalp. The laser used will stimulate the hair root cells, boosting existent hair roots to become stronger and healthier. Automated Hair Transplant is a program designed to treat patients with small areas of baldness. If your baldness across a wide area, a hair transplant surgery is to be recommended.

If you are interested to find out more about all the possible treatments at this medical center, first take a look at its webpage Even if you are healthy and happy, it is worth a visit. You never know when you will need one or another adjustment!

Photos: Daniel Herron

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