Fillippino´s get a chance to win trip to Sweden

Young people with creative and innovative environmental projects that protect the ozone layer have a chance to win international recognition and an all-expenses-paid trip to Sweden in June.

Volvo Adventure has been recognizing and rewarding practical action taken by youth aged 13-16 to solve local environmental problems for a decade.

Volvo Adventure is forming a partnership with OzonAction, which has been raising awareness and helping people understand how they can help reduce the impact of ozone depletion as part of the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) achievement of the Montreal Protocol objectives.

The OzonAction Award is an international award run by Volvo Adventure in cooperation with the OzonAction branch of UNEP.

“We know that there are many great creative and innovative environmental projects run by young people that protect the stratospheric ozone layer and the Earth’s climate at the same time,” OzonAction said in a statement.

“These projects could be representing their country at the final. The winner will receive an all-expenses-paid trip from Volvo Adventure to the final in Sweden in June 2012,” it added.

For the winning entries, Volvo Adventure is also offering the chance of a financial reward that could make it possible to run, improve or enhance their projects.

OzonAction said young people have benefited from participating in the contest and many have mentioned their participation on job and college applications, and have since been given opportunities to attend UN conferences and become international youth ambassadors.

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