The Scandinavian propety connection in Hua Hin

The district of Hua Hin is particularly attractive to Scandinavian visitors accounting for nearly 44% of foreign hotel guests in 2010.  Also in terms of residential purchases this group accounts for the biggest market although interestingly Sweden, Norway and Denmark represent a significant buying market but not Finland, despite recording the highest number of visitors out of the four countries.

There are a number of reasons for the connection according to Patima Jeerapaet, Managing Director of Colliers International Thailand.  “Scandinavian travel operators were particularly active in Hua Hin in the 1990’s and the Swedish monarch Carl XVI Gustaf makes regular visits to Hua Hin thus cementing a strong bond between the two countries” he said.

In general Scandinavians tend to be more family orientated but independent minded and also prefer the outdoor lifestyle.  “This is what could lead them to Hua Hin rather than the other more commercial resorts in Thailand” added Patima.

As a result not only are many Scandinavians purchasing property in Hua Hin but also a number of developers hail from the region.  The social security systems in these countries allow for generous retirement provisions and this will mean that many of the retiring babyboomers in Scandinavia will have the capital to buy a second home in order to escape the Arctic winter weather.

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